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Take a Practice Test to Know Where You Are

Before you start on your test prep journey, it's best to take a diagnostic test to know your current level. Students can take a full-length practice test in-person or take a shortened version of the test online, which will still provide the score expectation for the full test.

In-Person SAT/ACT Test

  • 3-Hour full-length mock test

  • Experience real exam settings

  • Sign up at each campus page

  • Free consultation available after the test

Online SAT/ACT Test

  • 15-Min or 45-Min tests for everyone

  • Score for one test converted into both ACT and SAT test standards

  • Perfect opportunity to experience both tests

Should I Take ACT or SAT?

Not sure which test to prepare for? Simply try out both of our online practice tests to get a quick taste of each test. You will be provided with a score converted for both tests to help you quickly find out which test suits you better!

ACT and SAT level test
level test score report

Full Score Expectation with the Result of Shortened Tests

You will be provided with a full score report calculated based on your performance on the shortened exam. If you are not sure how to interpret your result, simply book a call consultation so one of our experts can call you to explain what your scores per section imply in the world of test prep.

Got Your Score?

Once you are done with your test, it's best to get a knowledgeable insight as to setting your goal and planning your study program based on your situation. Schedule a call to get a personalized advice and have your questions answered by our experts.