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In-Person SAT & ACT Prep and Academic Courses

Our Campuses

* For inquiries on classes in Princeton, Hillsborough and Boston, please call (929) 777- 0534
* Students in further parts of New Jersey including Hillsborough are encouraged to get consultation before choosing classes.

Exclusive Benefits for Our Students

Students taking our in-person classes will benefit from quality resources that each of our campuses has to offer. Our expert instructors help create a healthy learning environment where students can always ask questions to the teachers and share knowledge with their peers in and out of classes. Also, students will be able to experience the real test settings on a daily basis to be best prepared for the actual exam day.

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Small and intimate classroom

prestige tutoring students

Instant access to Q&A help

Empty Classroom

Unlimited use of study rooms

Individual Consultation

Individualized progress tracking

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