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SAT Reading Prep

Cohort #6 Period
Jan 10 2022 - Feb 13 2022

5 Weeks

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About the Course

Course Purpose

This SAT Reading prep course is designed to help students understand that the SAT reading section requires different reading and understanding skills than those required by the Englishes classes in school. Understanding what topics are tested and how that leads to better answering the questions is an essential skill that students will learn. As they progress, they will know which questions can be answered without reading the whole passage or how they can narrow down the essential parts by focusing more on the question than the passage. Instead of taking the conventional approach of reading the passage first and answering questions from top to bottom, students are encouraged to find the best test-taking strategy. As students practice, they will find out their weaknesses and strengths and display profound reading skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the question type based on the wording of the question to better answer it.

  • Narrow down to the appropriate section of the passage to answer the question.

  • Utilize the information given to properly infer the implicit message.

Course Instructor

Iris' Profile.png
Iris Park
  • Served as the official NYU Learning Center Learning Assistant & Grader at Courant Institute

  • BA NYU Graduate

  • Reading & Writing Instructor since 2013

Iris has been teaching various reading and writing courses for middle school students to college students for over 9 years. She has a profound understanding of the types of questions and passages that appear on the SAT reading section and help students how to integrate both knowledge to successfully solve the questions. By providing different reading methods and question solving strategies, she is able to help students find the best individualized learning method and improve their scores.

Course Curriculum

107 lectures

9 hours and 50 minutes

Week 1
Words in Context, Text Structure & Purpose

1 Words in Context

2 Shift in Focus

3 Change in Structure

4 Rhetorical Strategy

5 Tone & Effect

6 Purpose of a Word/Line/Phrase

7 Purpose of a Paragraph/Passage

8 Author's Purpose

Week 1 Quiz

Week 2
Explicit/Implicit Information, Central Ideas & Detail, Inference, Command of Evidence

1 Explicit Information

2 Implicit Information

3 Main Idea/Theme/Claim/Summary

4 Information Presented in the Passage

5 Author's Viewpoint

6 Knowledge of Character/Narrator

7 Detail

8 Textual Command of Evidence

9 Quantitative Command of Evidence

10 Inferences

Week 2 Quiz

Week 3
Passage Overview & Types

1 Passage Overview

2 Literature Passages

3 Social Science Passages

4 History Passages

5 Natural Science Passages

Week 3 Quiz

Week 4
Cross-Text Connections

1 Relationship between the Two Passages

2 Purpose of Each Passage

3 Author's Viewpoints on a Topic

4 Both "say X"/Agree/Disagree

5 Response to Each Other

Week 4 Quiz

Week 5
SAT Reading Passage Practice

1 Literature Passage Practice

2 Social Science Passage Practice

3 Science Single Passage Practice

4 Science Double Passage Practice

5 History Passage Practice 

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