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The SAT Crash Course

Pre-Recorded Courses with All the Benefits of an In-Person Prep

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Finish Your SAT Test Prep at Home

The SAT Crash Course is a product of WellEd Labs, which is a company that focuses on integrating AI technology into SAT prep programs. The SAT Crash Course is a meticulously engineered 5-week, AI-powered program. We have brought our top-tier in-person courses into an online setting for students to benefit at a fraction of the price. As a matter of fact, students will have access to more services than in-person classes such as:

  • 100+ Bite-Sized Lesson Videos

  • Practice Questions for Every Concept

  • Individual Study Advisor

  • 24/7 Q&A Help

Our Courses

SAT Writing Teacher

The SAT Writing

Teacher Min Choi

5-Week Course


SAT Math Teacher

The SAT Math

Teacher Sharon Kang

5-Week Course


Iris Samm.png

The SAT Reading

Teacher Iris Park

5-Week Course


Why Choose Our Course

Cover the Entire Contents

Short Lectures

Lecture Recommendation

Our SAT Bootcamp online is the result of a collaboration among our experts and teachers to deliver the most effective in-person-like test prep at home. Each course divides the full content into bite-sized videos followed by relevant practice questions. Students can simply follow our intelligently designed study plan to cover the entire subject in just 5 weeks.

Quality Study Materials

Lecture Notes

Weekly Quizzes

Students have access to our top-quality materials and questions. Not only do they help students to follow lectures, but students can review the materials separately to better prepare themselves. After each video lectures, students are asked to solve sample questions to learn to apply their learnings. We only use real test questions for our tests so students can study with the most relevant and reliable materials!

Care Program

Personal Care

Anytime Q&A

We understand that sometimes students might not be as motivated to put in the work. Hence, we team up every student with one of our program coordinators. The coordinators will work closely with the students and their parents to ensure students are not falling behind. We mean it when we say we care about our students!

Results Say Our Course Works

completion rate graph.png
Our students have raised Writing 70+ and Math 80+ on average from their previous scores
92% of our students
improved their scores after taking our course
Students' completion rate of our course is significantly higher than that of other online courses
* among the students who finished the course

How We Raise Your Score in 5 Weeks

SAT study notes

Ultimate Study Guide Notes

You will be provided with a detailed lecture note that includes all the the core concepts introduced in each lecture. It would be the ultimate guide to your self-paced study that you can always consult whenever you face difficulties. Also, it has visualized examples and explanation followed by practice questions for each section, which helps you to master the subject at one go!

Application to Practice Questions

After each video lecture, solve sample questions to learn how to apply your learnings to the real exam. For all practice tests, our instructors will provide a detailed review that helps you revisit the core concept behind each question so you never make the same mistakes again. Also, we only use the real test questions for our tests so you can study with the most relevant and reliable materials!

Practice Test Review
Live SAT class

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Your self-study will be best assisted with our two-step learning program. Once you have absorbed the concepts for the week with the videos that you can watch anytime, you can join the live session with the instructor to ask questions and solve problems together. Anytime during your the week, you can click on the "ask question" button right below your video screen or log onto our interactive Discord community whenever you need help!

"This was a very helpful course! It helped me improve in the writing section."

Caden / Cohort #29

"It was a great course I liked how the course offered various quizzes through the units."

Hwisoo / Cohort #29


Will my score improve after 5 weeks?

Absolutely. However, you must put in the work. For students who have viewed and studied all of our lectures, 92% improved their scores by more than 70 points in Writing and 80 points in Math in just 5 weeks! We understand it could be tough to thoroughly complete an online on your own. Don't worry. Our coordinators will help you get through the course.

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