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Premier Test Prep Center and Academic Tutoring

Prestige Institute


Online & In-Person

SAT / ACT (in-person)

  • Concept & Advanced

SAT / ACT (online)

  • Concept & Advanced

SAT Bootcamp

SAT Bootcamp Online
  • 5-week online program

  • Cover all topics

  • Personal care program

  • Anytime Q&A

  • After-program care



Live Online & In-Person

Academic Programs


  • 1-1 Tutoring

  • Middle/High School Subjects


(Live Online)

  • AP Classes

  • ​SAT & ACT


Why are We an Institute not an Academy?

1. We are not just an academy that connects students with great teachers.

2. We are an academy that continuously dose research through our Program Research Center.


What Do We Offer through our Program Research Center?

1. Our experts with many years of experience in researching SAT/ACT curriculums meticulously design different levels and methods (offline, online) of classes that are effective for all students.

2. Our experts investigate optimal ways to find students' weaknesses quicker and on how to address them effectively.

3. If any changes are mad to SAT/ACT, we make appropriate changes to our programs quickly.

Customized Route to Your Target Score

Prestige Institute is the best SAT and ACT prep academy that aims to help you reach your target score efficiently. We learned that many students are spending too much time preparing for the SAT or ACT when it can be done in less than a few months. Scoring high on these standardized tests is more about having the right strategy than learning everything about the topics that the tests cover. We have successfully devised effective courses to expedite the test prep journey for students so that they can spend more time focusing on strengthening other aspects of their college applications. 

Our individualized care system focuses on personal levels and goals to provide customized plan towards their goals. Also, we limit students in a class to allow free discussions among classmates and more intimate connection between students and advisors. With the immersive cohort experience, our students are able to maintain their motivation at the highest as they become closer to their desired colleges.


of Our Students Scored 1400+ on the SAT



Students Have Taken Our Courses Since 2015

of Our Students Gave 5-Star Review on Google

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