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"I never dreamed of getting a score that high, and I don't think it would've been possible without Prestige."
Dekyi l Harvard University, Class of 2024
Luka l New York University, Class of 2025
"Eventually we landed on Prestige. For my mom, it was good enough, and for me, it was possibly the best thing I could've done."
"Prestige's goal is more oriented to helping the student because they really care about helping a student."
Joseph l Princeton University, Class of 2025

99% 5-Star Reviews

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Seyong Park


Prestige is truly a great learning environment for all types of learners. They are fast paced but will also make sure that you understand all the material whether it be for SAT, ACT, or other tutoring. I was able to get perfect scores in multiple standardized tests because of the amazing teachers and testing materials at Prestige. I highly recommend Prestige to anyone who is trying to improve their scores.

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The teachers are honestly the nicest. There’s a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it. At least for SAT. My score went up by 300 points. It’s better than the other prep classes in the area and you will genuinely enjoy your time at Prestige :)

Sanjin George

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Jihyun Paik


Prestige helped me achieve a score much above my expected score range on the SAT. The teaching method there was unlike those of the many other prep schools in the area, and was very effective in boosting my score. Prestige’s prep classes for the SAT are as excellent as their well-known ACT ones.

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Christopher Mergus


For the past 7 weeks I have been attending Prestige in Closter NJ. Prestige is a very professional SAT / ACT preparation program that has helped improve my test scores substantially. I definitely recommend!