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Get Your Target Score Fast and Efficiently

Progressive Concept & Advanced Classes

Prestige provides the best sat prep courses that helps students learn just what they need to achieve competitive scores fast. While some students spend elongated time preparing for the test, our intensive crash courses help students achieve their target scores fast and move on to the other agendas in the college application.

The secret to our fast prep likes in our individual care system that leverages students' abilities in getting their target score. We carefully keep track of students' academic data to help them excel in their strong areas and improve on their weak areas, which enables them to get the best results in a given time.

  • Aimed at each test date

  • In-person or online

  • Intensive 10-20 week crash course

  • Individual attention based on levels and goals

  • Daily practice test and review courses

Course Details


  • New students or students with little or no prior knowledge on the test contents

  • Core fundamentals followed by application to questions

  • Can move up to advanced after initial weeks

Fortifies the core SAT and ACT concepts in the most common areas of study in the two exams. The class then takes the concepts a step further moving into application and problem-solving. By the end of the course, a student will have a strong foundation in important subject areas which will propel them closer to their test-taking goals.​


  • Students who have taken our concept course or who have sufficient knowledge on the test contents

  • Daily mock tests and review

  • Practical strategy training

  • Aimed for actual test dates

Digs deeper into pragmatic problem-solving focused on the most frequent and substantial subject areas. Our instructors will teach practical test-taking skills like how to approach and answer many types of questions while reinforcing core concepts throughout the course. The Advanced Class has flexible scheduling and may run from 10-20 weeks depending on the semester and testing dates.

Intensive Practice and Review

We are one of the very few test prep agencies that provide top quality mock tests on a daily basis. This focused training enables our students to become the efficient test takers as it gets closer to the exam date. Also, students can directly apply their learnings on concepts and question-solving strategies to real tests as they go. We provide individual score report as well as in-depth review sessions to help them avoid making the same mistakes again.

SAT practice test

Upcoming Courses


SAT Intensive - Aim 12/3

11/12 - 12/1

SAT Concept/Advanced

9/10/22 - 1/21/23

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Critical Reading for SAT

9/10/22 - 1/21/23

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ACT Concept/Advanced

9/10/22 - 1/21/23

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SSAT Intensive - Aim 12/10

10/7 - 12/9

One-Day Mock Test Course

SAT & ACT Mock Test & Review

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