"Building Foundations For Success"


Prestige Institute was founded in 2015 as a private ACT and SAT preparation agency serving all students from towns in New Jersey and New York. We pride ourselves in being one of the best prep agencies, with a never before seen focus on ACT and the SAT, as well as an exceptional concentration in the SSAT and Bergen Academies entrance exams. And now, whether you live in Queens, New York, or Denver, Colorado, you can freely enjoy our renowned SAT/ACT prep programs online.

With the admission rates of competitive colleges and high schools reaching extraordinary lows, we believe that the only way to survive the cutthroat competition of today into a bright future is through solid preparation of all types of college entrance exams. Only by doing so can an applicant avoid the pits of rejection.

We therefore have placed enormous resources into helping students who need to bring their scores up. Especially in areas such as the ACT and the New SAT, we have developed a brand new, comprehensive plan in which all applicants may learn the secrets and skills needed to get top scores. We also have teams of excellent and highly-praised teachers ready to teach in areas such as AP, and even the SSAT, willing to serve students of all ages and levels.


Prestige is a warm, inviting place, full of students eager to learn and improve their own volition.


We believe that to survive nowadays academically, one needs to study the ACT and SAT separately with specific studies dedicated to each test. We are the first test prep to pay centralized attention to the ACT apart from the SAT, developing programs that introduce the most relevant strategies for each test. We field many gifted teachers and administrators who have adapted themselves to the rigors and challenges of test prep, who are more than able to raise a willing student’s scores sky-high.

The most exciting aspect of Prestige Institute is its academic diversity and our educational system that supports it. We prioritize finding student's strengths and weaknesses to help them choose the right test and prepare it with the best strategy. We can teach any subject and field in full quality, from the ACT, SAT to AP to anyone who is willing to learn. In other words, Prestige is the best institute that suggests the best route for your goal, which is a malleability not seen in any other educational programs.



Prestige Institute currently has six locations across the east coast: Palisades Park, Closter, Princeton, Hartsdale, Bayside, and Boston. We also have a live online tutoring department that accommodates the academic needs of students all over the globe! You can click on the locations menu tab on the right-hand corner of the website to contact your location of preference.

Prestige is a warm, inviting place, full of students eager to learn and improve of their own volition, rather than the forced nature of many other after school programs. We hope to see you soon!