Strategic Approach on All AP Exam Subjects

It is increasingly becoming essential to take the AP exam in order to be a competitive applicant, especially when you are aiming for accredited colleges. While studying some AP subjects might seem quite demanding for high school students, we provide strategic guidance that students can follow to grasp the extensive content in a manageable way. With our years of knowledge on the AP exam, our experienced instructors have the best curriculum and materials that focus on the gist of each content.

Students can take courses on all AP subjects, both in-person and online. Each online classroom consists of 5-10 students, which enables highly interactive teacher-student communication. Students can also opt for private sessions based on their needs.



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1-1 AP Tutoring

Students can either take the AP Class Review as a preview to the school class or as a review to increasing a student’s chances of achieving a high score. We provide in-person and online tutoring with flexible scheduling for each student. Each student will get a 100% individualized curriculum according to his/her needs. Students can always get instant help during their self-study.

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