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5-Week SAT Math Prep

Cohort #6 Period
Jan 10 2022 - Feb 13 2022

5 Weeks

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About the Course

Course Purpose

This SAT Math prep course is to familiarize students with mathematical concepts as tested on the math section of the SAT. Conceptual understanding is essential in applying those concepts to related questions. Instead of memorizing steps, students will learn the logical reasonings behind each approach. Ultimately, students will practice how to use these methods flexibly and showcase a deep understanding of math to improve test taking skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency in formulas and equations

  • Apply problem solving skills to various types of questions

  • Translate words into mathematical expressions

Course Instructor

  • Biomedical Science M.S.

  • Math Instructor since 2012

Sharon Kang

Sharon has been teaching math to middle/high school students for over 9 years. She knows the pattern and structure of the SAT math questions and instructs students on which math rules are the most important. She is able to help them improve their scores by finding the best learning method for each individual. Many of her students have succeeded in reaching their personal math score goal.

Course Curriculum

107 lectures

10 hours and 25 minutes

Week 1
Essential Algebra Park I

1 Linear Equation and Function

     a. Slope-Intercept Form

     b. Solving for Variables

     c. Linear Relationships

2 System of Equation

     a. Substitution

     b. Elimination

     c. Y=Y

     d. Solutions

3 Percentage and Proportion

     a. Percentage to Decimal

     b. Percent Change

     c. Ratio

     d. Direct / Indirect Proportion

4 Word Problems

     a. Properties of Numbers

     b. Writing Equations from Words

Week 1 Quiz

Week 2
Essential Algebra Part II & Data Analysis

1 Exponential Properties and Function

     a. Exponent Rules

     b. Radicals

     c. Rationalizing Denominators

2 Linear and Exponential Growth

     a. Linear Growth

     b. Exponential Growth

3 Scatter Plots

     a. Line of Best Fit

4 Probability and Statistics

     a. Probability

     b. Mean, Median, Mode, Range

     c. Standard Deviation

Week 2 Quiz

Week 3
Advanced Algaebra

1 Complex Numbers

     a. Simplifying Complex Numbers

     b. The "i Pattern"

     c. Complex Conjugates

2 Quadratic Equation and Function

     a. Standard Form

     b. The Vertex

     c. Vertex Form

     d. Binomials

     e. Finding the Zeroes

          I. Quadratic Formula

          II. Difference of Two Squares

     f. Discriminant


3 Polynomial and Rational Equation

     a. Solving for the Solutions


4 Inequalities and Absolute Value

     a. Solving Inequalities

     b. Graphing System of Inequalities

     c. Absolute Value Equations

Week 3 Quiz

Week 4
Essential Geometry

1 Functions and Transformation

     a. Domain and Range

     b. Asymptotes

     c. Vertical Shifts

     d. Horizontal Shifts

     e. Width of a Parabola

     f.  Inverse Functions

     g. Composite Functions

2 Coordinate Geometry

     a. Midpoint Formula

     b. Distance Formula

     c. Translation, Reflection, Rotation

3 Angle and Triangles/Polygons

     a. Exterior Angle Theorem

     b. Total Angle in a Polygon

     c. Transversals

     d. Relationship between Angles and Sides

     e. Types of Triangles

     f. Special Right Triangles

     g. Perimeter

     h. Area

     i. Similar Triangles

Week 4 Quiz

Week 5
Advanced Geometry

1 Circle and 3D Shape

     a. Area of a Circle

     b. Circumference, Arc Length, Area of a Sector

     c. Central Angle vs. Inscribed Angle

     d. Rules

     e. Standard Equation of a Circle

     f. Volume

          I. How a Variable Affects Volume

2 Trigonometry

     a. Sin, Cos, Tan

     b. Amplitude and Period

     c. Degrees and Radians

     d. Transformations of Trigonometric Functions

     e. Unit Circle

     f. Quadrants

     g. Trigonometry Identities

Week 5 Quiz

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