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SAT Writing



Cohort Period

Oct 3 - Nov 6/2022

SAT Math

Cohort Period

Oct 3 - Nov 6/2022



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SAT Bootcamp Online

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Study Plan

Weekly study plans are designed by

our Program Research Center.


100+ 2~5 min Lectures

Our lectures are designed to keep

students concentrated.

Our SAT Bootcamp online is the direct result of a unique collaboration among our experts from our Program Research Center and top teachers working together to provide the most effective and efficient test prep curriculum. For every subject we offer, each course covers all contents in just 5 weeks and our experts provide a detailed study plan to guide students to achieve what they aim for. Through our courses, students will not only learn the materials but also become strategic test takers. Our students have continuously proven how effective our program is.

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Study Guides

Students have access to our top-quality materials and questions. Not only do they help students to follow lectures, but students can review the materials separately to better prepare themselves. After each video lectures, students are asked to solve sample questions to learn to apply their learnings. We only use real test questions for our tests so students can study with the most relevant and reliable materials!

Weekly Quizzes

We ensure students understand the lectures.

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Online Notes

We provide online notes to reinforce students' learning.


Pre & Post Tests

2 Full Tests are mandated before and after the program to see how much students have improved.

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Care Program

Personal Care

All students are assigned to a program coordinator who will work together to complete the program.

We are confident in how effective our program is. However, students must put in the work to improve. We understand that sometimes students might not be as motivated to put in the work. Hence, we team up every student with one of our program coordinators. The coordinators will work closely with the students and their parents to ensure students are not falling behind. Furthermore, students can join a 1-hour live session with a teacher to ask any questions or to solve more problems together. We also offer a Discord community where students can ask questions anytime and our teacher will reply. We mean it when we say we care about our students!

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After-Program Care

Students have access to our community to ask SAT related questions even after they're done with our program.

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Anytime Q&A

We offer weekly live sessions with real teachers and a space students can ask questions anytime.

Everything you need to master the SAT.
Nothing more, nothing less

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Our students' avg. improvement:
Writing 70+
Math 80+
92% of our students
improved their scores.
Significantly higher completion rate
* Students who have completed 100%


"This was a very helpful course! It helped me improve in the writing section."
Caden / Cohort #29
"It was a great course I liked how the course offered various quizzes through the units."
Hwisoo / Cohort #29



Will my score improve after 5 weeks?

A. Absolutely. However, you must put in the work. For students who have viewed and studied all of our lectures, 92% improved their scores by more than 70 points in Writing and 80 points in Math in just 5 weeks! We understand it could be tough to thoroughly complete an online course on your own. Don't worry. Our coordinators will help you get through the course.


When does my course(s) start after your register?

A. Our courses are designed to begin on Mondays. This was done on purpose so that you can start with other students at the same time. You will be able to see how much others are studying to further add motivation to keep studying. If you registered on Monday, your course will begin the next Monday.


How can I ask SAT related questions?

A. We have a community on Discord. You can ask questions related to lectures or quizzes once you join our Discord. Your coordinator will reach out on how you can join. Also, we hold a weekly Live TA session on Discord where a teacher will be answering your questions live. The schedule for the Live session is: Math - Thurs 7-8 pm, Writing - Thurs 7:30-8:30 pm.


What if I have other questions?

A. Please contact us via email, phone calls, or texts. ( / 8037172273)


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