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Premier  ACT & SAT Test Prep Courses

Why Choose Prestige Institute?

Prestige's act and sat test prep course is different in its individualized care system where each student receives a customized guidance that is geared toward his/her goals. Our years of experience has let us develop strategies to diagnosis each student's strengths and weaknesses and provide the most relevant materials for an effective score increase. We have proudly been acknowledged as the best in-person and online SAT and ACT prep in the East Coast with increasing number of students ranking top percentiles on the exam.

As we value students' success as our own, our teachers are always dedicated to helping our students with any academic needs in and out of classes. Also, the active peer reinforcement of learnings that takes place through our in-person and online Q&A and discussions is another strong foundation for our students' outstanding performances.

  • Personalized curriculum

  • Weekly practice tests

  • Experienced teachers

  • Anytime Q&A

Results Say Our Test Prep Works

85%of our students received over 1400 on the SAT and more than half of our students received over 33 on the ACT. Many of our students experience immediate and drastic score increase within a short period of time after taking our courses. 

SAT composite score
act composite score

In-Person Course Details

In-Person Prep

  • Concept & Advanced
  • Aimed at each test date
  • 10-20 week progressive bootcamp
  • Daily mock test and review

Recommended to students who wish to fully dedicate a particular period of time to test prep in order to get a competitive score for their dream colleges. Students can initially enroll in the class of their level and move up as they show progress.

What Makes Us Different

Students Studying Together

Fast and Efficient

Don't study hard, study smart! Our crash courses provide just what is needed to reach students' target scores.

A Student Getting a Consultation

Individualized Care

We monitor each student's academic abilities and help them maximize their potentials in college prep process.

Solving Real SAT Test Questions

Real Practice Questions

Our extensive question library enables us to provide top quality questions to our students on a daily basis.


One-Day Mock Test & Review Course


Every Saturday

Recommended to

  • Students who wish to experience the real exam settings 

  • Students who wish to familiarize themselves with the test format


In-Person or Online


The course is designed to help students experience the real exam settings. The one-day course consists of a full-proctored exam in the morning followed by a comprehensive review session in the afternoon.

Don't Know Where to Start?

Try our free services that will help you get onboard!

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