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Premier  ACT & SAT Test Prep Courses

Prestige's premium test prep course is distinguished from other programs in its individualized care system where each student receives a customized curriculum that is geared toward his/her own goals. This is only possible with our years of experience in the testing system and the dedicated teachers that are always in the campuses to help students in and out of classes. Also, the active peer reinforcement of knowledges that happens through in-person and online Q&A and discussions is another strong reason for our students' outstanding performance.

Prestige's courses are divided into concept, advanced, and combined classes. After an initial free level test and consultation, students will be assigned into small group classes where they will be able to learn top strategies that will help them finish their prep fast. We have proven that quality matters when it comes to effective preparation for college application, one of the most important first steps in your career.

Results Show that Our Test Prep Works

Years of results show that our students consistently perform at the top level in SAT and ACT. Our experienced tutors and intensive care system collaborate in maximizing the potential in each student.

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What Makes Us Different

Students studying in a cohort program

Intensive Bootcamp Program

Our unique bootcamp program is designed to encourage students to study for the same goal of finishing the prep in a shortest time. Our crash courses and interactions with other students and teachers will help students stay motivated until they reach their target score.

Instructor consulting a student

Individualized Care System

Our experts carefully monitor each student's learning progress and provide detailed test prep and college application consultation. Our individualized attention will not only keep students in the right track, but also help to maximize students' test taking potential.

Student taking a test

Practice Tests and Score Tracking

It's important to keep track of your improvement, especially when you are determined to raise your score fast. Our weekly practice tests with real test questions followed by score reports will be the best tool to visualize your progress!

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Detailed Score Report Included!

In-Person Classes


  • 6 campuses in NY&NJ

  • Unlimited use of study rooms

  • Mock tests in real settings

  • Q&A help on all subjects outside of classes

  • In-depth score report and counselling

Online test prep


  • Live and/or pre-recorded classes

  • Small group classes

  • Real-time interaction with teachers

  • Weekly practice tests and review

  • Instant Q&A chat and online community

Program Details

Concept + Advanced

In-Person and Online


  • Core Fundamentals

  • 10-20 Week Course

  • Test Taking Strategies

  • Aimed at Actual Test Dates


  • Mock Tests and Review

  • 10-20 Week Course

  • Application of Strategies

  • Aimed at Actual Test Dates

Recommended To

Students who have never studied or have little knowledge on ACT / SAT

Fortifies the core concepts in the most common areas of study in the ACT and the SAT. The class then takes the concepts a step further moving into application and problem-solving. By the end of the course, a student will have a strong foundation in important subject areas which will propel them closer to their test-taking goals.​

Recommended To

Students who taken concept course or have sufficient knowledge on  ACT / SAT

Digs deeper into pragmatic problem-solving focused on the most frequent and substantial subject areas. Our instructors will teach practical test-taking skills like how to approach and answer many types of questions while reinforcing core concepts throughout the course. The Advanced Class has flexible scheduling and may run from 10-20 weeks depending on the semester and testing dates.

SAT Self-Paced


  • Finish in 5 Weeks
  • Lesson videos and Live Classes
  • Instant Q&A Chat

  • Practice Test and Review

Recommended To

Students who want to study by themselves with guidance

Perfect course to prepare for in-person bootcamp classes

3-Week Prep

Online Live

  • Aimed at Each Test Date

  • Intensive Crash Course

  • Full Content Overview

  • Can Register by Subject

Recommended To

Students aiming for an intensive review in preparation for an upcoming test

With the knowledge on the most recent test trend, our experts will provide efficient and practical test-taking strategies to best prepare students for an upcoming test. Using the most recent test questions, students will have the opportunity to revise their learnings and practice applying them in real settings.

Private Tutoring

  • 100% Customized Curriculum
  • Individual Attention on Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Mixed Subject Packages

  • Day, Night, Weekend Scheduling

Recommended To

Students who need individual coaching due to weaknesses in a subject or other situations

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