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Premier  ACT & SAT Test Prep Courses

Prestige's test prep courses distinguishes itself in its individualized care system where each student receives a customized planning that is geared toward his/her own goals. This is only possible with our years of experience in the exam preparation and knowledge on the effective use of student data to maximize personal abilities.

As we value students' success as our own, our teachers are always dedicated to helping our students with any academic needs in and out of classes. Also, the active peer reinforcement of learnings that takes place through our in-person and online Q&A and discussions is another strong foundation for our students' outstanding performances.

What to Expect

  • Initial level test and in-depth consultation

  • Concept or Advanced classes according to student level

  • Small group classes with individual attention

  • Additional 1-1 tutoring when necessary

  • 10-20 weeks of classes aimed at an actual test date

In-Person Prep

SAT/ACT Bootcamp

empty classroom
  • 4 campuses in NY&NJ

  • Progressive bootcamp aimed at test dates

  • Mock tests in real settings

  • Instant access to Q&A help

  • Individual progress tracking

Online Prep

Live SAT/ACT Courses

  • Live classroom with real-time interactions

  • Small group classes and/or private tutoring

  • Weekly practice tests and review

  • Individual study planning and tracking

SAT Bootcamp Online

  • Crash course that covers the entire concept

  • Pre-recorded lessons with weekly live sessions

  • Expert study notes and practice questions

  • Instant Q&A help and study reminders

What Makes Us Different

Students Studying Together

Fast and Efficient

Our in-person and online classes are designed to help students finish their test prep quickly and successfully. Our 10-20 week crash courses provide just the right knowledges and strategies needed for students to reach their target scores.

A Student Getting a Consultation

Individualized Care System

With our state-of-the-art data platform, our experts carefully monitor each student's academic traits and provide detailed consultation accordingly. Our individualized attention will not only keep students on the right track, but also help to maximize students' potential in college prep.

Solving Real SAT Test Questions

Top Quality Test Questions

It's essential to study with the right material, especially when you are determined to raise your score fast. Thanks to our extensive question library, we provide daily practice tests with the most relevant questions to help students' efficient prepartion.

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