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Study at Home with the Benefits of a Real Classroom

Prestige Online Program

Live Group

  • Small Group Classroom
  • Top-Tier Instructors
  • Expert Materials

Live 1:1

  • Customized 1:1 Tutoring
  • Top-Tier Instructors
  • Personal Assessment on Strengths & Weaknesses

Special Programs

  • Extra Curriculars and Contests
  • Tailored Instruction
  • Helped Many Winners

Get Your Target Score from Home

Prestige's online live classes aim to provide a classroom that emulates our cohort-based in-person learning environment. In a small group classroom that consists of only up to 10 students, our top-tier instructors aim for the most interactive and engaging learning environment. Students will also get access to useful resources including quality practice tests, expert study materials and instant online Q&A.

  • Daily Mock Test & Review with Real Test Questions

  • Short-Term Crash Course Aimed at Actual Test Date

  • Individual Score Report and Progress Tracking

Individual Tutoring

Individual Progress Tracking

We use an individualized approach to provide the most effective learning track for each student. In this line of effort, we create and provide detailed score reports for our students that analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

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