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Customized Coaching that Meets Individual Needs

Individualized Care for Specific Needs

Online Tutoring

Find your perfect tutor at Prestige! No matter where you live, we can find a specialized online tutor for you or your student. Location is no longer a barrier! Whether you are in elementary, secondary, college, or even adult education, you can find help through Prestige's live online program. 1:1 tutoring will allow you to schedule sessions whenever and from wherever. It's the perfect way to get the help you need around your busy schedule. Students receive a tailored program and support throughout their learning journey, while also achieving the same benefit of working at their own pace with a tutor that has tailored the lesson to their individual needs and learning style.

Our Courses

1:1 Elite ACT/SAT Sessions


Determined individually


  • Test Aim : June 1st SAT / June 8th, July 13th ACT

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1:1 Elite SAT Wrap-Up Sessions


Determined individually


  • Test Aim : Perfect scores on either or both sections(Reading/Writing and Math)

  • Students must have an official score of 1450+

  • Unlimited access to practice tests, review of incorrect/missed questions

  • Customized and specialized classes from tier 1 tutors


AMC 8/10/12 1:1 Final Test Prep


Determined individually


  • For students who are already familiar with foundational concepts and need to focus on mock test review for final preparation

  • Our specialized instructors will teach students how to decipher AMC question patterns and techniques so that they can do well on test day

  • With private tutoring lessons, we can pinpoint mistakes and bad habits, focus on weak points, and teach important techniques that would otherwise slip through the cracks

1:1 Creative and Academic Writing + Competition Prep


Determined individually


  • In genres/subjects including but not limited to Poetry, Short Stories, Philosophy, History, Economics, Psychology, Theology, Law and more

  • Projects are selected according to the student's grade, interests, and level of proficiency

  • Timelines are set based on the student's availability

  • All of our students received the SILVER KEY award or greater in categories such as poetry, short story, novel writing, or personal essay, and two students received the GOLD KEY award

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Essential AP Test Concepts in 10 Hours


Determined individually


  • 10 hours of private tutoring on your desired subject, fitted to your school's pacing and curriculum

  • Our elite tutors will help you master the AP concepts, not just the exam. Prep for the AP test AND keep up your GPA

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What Makes Our Tutoring Different

100% Individual Help

We pay attention to personal strengths & weaknesses to provide tailored coaching

Top-Tier Instructors

Our Instructors have years of experience in helping students achieve their dream scores

Top Scorers

Results prove our effectiveness - we have helped students receive top scores on SAT, ACT, AP and more

Mixed Subject Packages

Choose a convenient package to get help on multiple subjects

Super Package

30 hours anytime & any subject

Mega Package

50 hours anytime & any subject


Schedule a Free Consultation

We would be happy to hear your specific situations to help you find the best program. Just book a convenient time and we will give you a call!


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