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On-demand private tutoring on all subjects including test prep, math, science, writing, homework, competitions and more. 100% customized program for individual needs. Request information on our expert tutoring program and pricing!


100% Individualized Program for Your Specific Needs

Everybody has different goals that come with various approaches in achieving them. We make sure to help students set their own goals first and create the most efficient plan based on their situations.

Just like how each student's goal differs, the way in which each student learn the best is different. With our private tutoring, our students will be benefit from our customized curriculum that allows them to take advantage of their strengths and best supplement their weaknesses.

Customized Curriculum

The Best Tools for Your Online Learning

Targeted Curriculum on Specific Areas

Our expert tutors will organize a specialized program that effectively focuses on improving students' weak spots.

Instant Access to Online Q&A Chat

Students can always ask questions to our instructors or help each other on our discord chat whenever they need during their self-paced study.

Practice Tests and Score Tracking

We have ample number of real test questions for the most effective practice. A detailed score report and consultation will be provided based on the test result.

Online Learning

All the Benefits of In-Person Courses

In order to keep students motivated in virtual settings as much as in in-person classes, we have come up with intensive care system that focuses on individualized learning experience. We not only provide the academic help but also help students to build a healthy study habit that will help them maximize the efficiency of their online learning. Just like how students can ask questions after classes at our in-person locations, they can always get instant help from teachers or discuss the subject with other students through our interactive online community,

What Students Say About Us

Dekyi l Harvard University, Class of 2024
"I never dreamed of getting a score that high, and I don't think it would've been possible without Prestige."
Bella l Cornell University, Class of 2025
"I know that if you go into Prestige motivated with a goal, there are a lot of people there who can help you achieve it."
Luka l New York University, Class of 2025
"Eventually we landed on Prestige. For my mom, it was good enough, and for me, it was possibly the best thing I could've done."
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David l Princeton University, Class of 2025
"When I go to Prestige, I don't see it as a place where I just take tests or learn. I honestly see it as a community."

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