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How Our Online Tutoring Works

1. Schedule and take the initial level test

2. In-depth consultation based on student's intended subject of study, academic level, goals, college application, and special situations

3. Tutor recommendation and selection and decision on hours and pricing

4. Individual meeting and study planning with the tutor

5. Classes begin

6. Regular progress check and score report from the advisor

Our Programs

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MS & HS Subjects

Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English and more

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Homework Help

School assignments, Quiz, Projects, Research Papers

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Test Prep


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Writing on the Board

Special Programs

Olympiad, AMC, Academic Writing, CML, Languages, Competitions

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Individualized Program for Specific Needs

Everybody has different goals that require specific approaches in achieving them. We make sure to help students set their own goals first and create the most efficient plan based on their situations.

Just like how they have different goals, the ways students learn the best are different. With our private tutoring, our students will be benefit from our customized learning program that allows them to take advantage of their strengths and best supplement their weaknesses.

Teacher and Student

What Makes Our Tutoring Different

Targeted Curriculum on Specific Areas

We keep a record of student's academic traits to focus on improving student's weak spots

Top Quality Test Questions

We use real and most recent questions for students' effective practice on the subject

Individual Progress Tracking

Our advisors will keep track of student's goals and status and frequently reach out to help them stay on track


Interactive Online Q&A Community

In order to keep students motivated in virtual settings, we have implemented a immersive cohort program in which students can get help through our discord chat just like when they are in an in-person class. This is to help students stay focused and build a healthy study habit for maximized use of their online learning. Students can log on when they start studying and ask questions directly to our teachers or their peers.

What Students Say About Us

A Harvard Student
Dekyi l Harvard University, Class of 2024
"I never dreamed of getting a score that high, and I don't think it would've been possible without Prestige."
A Cornell Student
Bella l Cornell University, Class of 2025
"I know that if you go into Prestige motivated with a goal, there are a lot of people there who can help you achieve it."
A NYU Student
Luka l New York University, Class of 2025
"Eventually we landed on Prestige. For my mom, it was good enough, and for me, it was possibly the best thing I could've done."
A Princeton Student
David l Princeton University, Class of 2025
"When I go to Prestige, I don't see it as a place where I just take tests or learn. I honestly see it as a community."

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