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Prestige's online live classes aim to provide a classroom that emulates our cohort-based in-person learning environment. In a small group classroom that consists of only up to 10 students, our top-tier instructors aim for the most interactive and engaging learning environment. Students will also get access to useful resources including quality practice tests, expert study materials and instant online Q&A.

  • Daily Mock Test & Review with Real Test Questions

  • Short-Term Crash Course Aimed at Actual Test Date

  • Individual Score Report and Progress Tracking

Our Courses

Thanksgiving SAT Intensive

Starting Soon!

  • Aim 12/3 SAT Exam

SSAT Intensive

  • Aim 12/10 Test

  • 16 Hour Program

SAT Mock Test & Review

One-Day Course

  • Proctored Test in Real Settings

  • One full-day course

  • Small group review sessions

Live SAT & ACT Prep

  • Concept and Advanced classes

  • Aimed at each test date

  • Can enroll by subject

Critical Reading for SAT

  • Advanced class

  • Aim 10/22 test

  • Daily practice test and review


Live Classroom that Feels In-Person

Just like our in-person classes, we pay individual attention to our students to ensure their quality of learning. During the classes, our instructors will actively engage with the students to make sure everyone is following the contents. Students can always get instant Q&A help when they are doing assignments. Also, our advisors will keep track of each student's progress and check in on the student whenever it is necessary.

Online Live Class

Course Details

Thanksgiving SAT Intensive - Aim 12/3

Class Dates

11/12 - 12/1


See the Calander

FA22 Online Thanksgiving

SSAT Intensive - Aim 12/10 Test

Class Dates

11/5 - 12/10


16 Hour Program(6 Hours Math + 10 Hours R/V)
Review Times TBD

22FA Online SSAT Intensive

One-Day SAT Mock Test & Review

Class Dates

Saturday only

9/17, 9/24, 10/8, 15, 22, 29, 11/12, 19, 25(Fri), 26


10AM - 1PM Full-length mock test

2PM - 5PM Review in small group


The course consists of one full-day test and review session. The course is designed to help students experience the real proctored SAT exam from home. Students of all levels can take the course. Each review class is limited to 10 students, enabling interactive question and answer sessions. Individual score report will be provided in detail to help students visualize their strengths and weaknesses. Our top-tier instructors will help students learn from their wrong answers to avoid making same mistakes in the future.

One-Day Test & Review Course

Every Saturday


Live SAT & ACT Prep

Live SAT Prep



10AM - 1PM Lecture

2PM - 5PM HW Review with TA


The course is a 10-week intensive bootcamp covering the entire concepts on SAT exams. Recommended to beginner to intermidiate students who have not studied for the SAT before or have littlie knowledge on the test. Each class is limited to small group of students. Students can move up to the advanced class during the curriculum upon the instructor's approval. Students can register for the full course or by subject.

Live ACT Prep



Sat : Full Test (10AM - 1PM)

Mon - Fri : Review


The course is designed to help students prepare for the October ACT exam.  Recommended to intermediate to advanced students who wish to practice with the real tests to get familiar with the format. Each class is limited to small number of students. Students will take a full-length mock test on Saturdays and take review sessions by subejct during the following week. Students can contact individually for enrollment.

Critical Reading for the SAT


Friday 9-10PM EST

10/7 - 12/9 (11/25 off), 10 sessions


Jessica M

- Yale Graduate & Test Specialist

- Over 10 years of experience

- Yieds the highest number of students with perfect reading scores for every official test


The course is designed to help students build foundational skills for

  • General humanities

  • SAT reading passages (historical and narrative)

Individual Tutoring

Individual Progress Tracking

We proritize highly individualized approach to provide the most relevant materials and learning track for each student. We give detailed score reports for the mock tests so students can visualize their own strengths and weaknesses.


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