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Prestige's online live test prep courses aim to provide a premier learning environment that emulates our in-person bootcamp program. Students will benefit from our top quality resources including experienced teachers, daily practice tests and review, and expert study materials. To help students stay motivated in virtual settings, we utilize an interactive online discord community where students can log in whenever they start studying and ask questions directly to the teacher or share contents with their peers. It is a perfect opportunity for students who cannot make it to our campuses efficiently raise their scores with top quality materials.

Upcoming Courses

August SAT Prep

  • Aim 8/27 test

  • Weekly registration

  • Daily practice test & review

  • Beginner/Intermediate/Elite course

SAT/ACT Concept & Advanced

Early Bird Discount Now!

  • Bootcamp aimed at each test date

  • Small group live classroom

  • Daily practice test and review

Live Summer Camp

  • Weekly registration until 8/26

  • SAT/ACT test prep and more

  • Daily practice test and review

Course Details

SAT/ACT Concept & Advanced

SAT Advanced

SAT Concept

Saturday Full Test (10AM - 1PM), Review M-F

- Math Tues, Thurs 7-8PM

- Reading Tues, Thurs 8-9PM

- Writing Mon, Thurs 8-9PM

Saturdays Only

10AM - 1PM Lecture (Reading, Writing, Math)

2PM - 5PM HW Review with TA(optional)

Aim 10/1 Test

9/10 - 9/30 (6 weeks)

10 Week Program

9/17 - 11/19

Aim 11/5 Test

9/10 - 11/4 (7 weeks)

ACT Advanced

Saturday Full Test (10AM - 1PM), Review M-F

Weekly schedule TBD

  • Can enroll by subject

  • All programs can be offered through 1-1 sessions

Aim 10/22 Test

9/10 - 10/21 (6 weeks)


August SAT Prep - Aim 8/27


8/1 - 8/26 (4 weeks)

Group 1


Groups divided by level

Can register by week

Daily mock test and review

Recommended to students looking to practice real test taking from home

Group 2 / Elite

Group 2-1 / 2-2 : Students scoring 1400+

Elite : Students scoring 1480+

*Students will be assigned to each group after the initial level test


Live Summer Camp


6/27 - 8/26 (8 Weeks)

Break : 7/25 - 7/29  


SAT/ACT Concept & Advanced

AP, SSAT, Math, English and more

SAT / ACT Concept & Advanced

M - Th 10am-1pm

M - Th 2-5pm

Fri 10am-1pm (Optional Test)

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Live Classroom that Feels In-Person

Just like our in-person classes, we pay individual attention to our students to ensure their quality of learning. During the classes, our instructors will actively engage with the students to make sure everyone is following the contents. Students can always get instant Q&A help when they are doing assignments. Also, our advisors will keep track of each student's progress and check in on the student whenever it is necessary.

A Student Getting a Score Report

Individual Progress Tracking

We take exceptional effort on realizing our intensive in-person individual care system in online settings. We collect student academic data through assignments and practice tests to assess individual strengths and weaknesses. Students will be provided with a detailed score report on their mock tests to visualize their progress.

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