10 Best ACT Prep Courses of 2022

Updated: May 2

Taking the ACT test is one of the options that students can consider when they are applying for college. Similar to the SAT exam, the ACT exam is believed to display a student’s academic preparedness for the subjects they have studied during their high school years. It is used in most colleges in the United States in assessing the qualification of a student in entering their programs.

Getting a high score in the ACT may place a student in a competitive position among other applicants, increasing the chance of the student's acceptance. Students may even aim to receive scholarships from their school with an exceptional ACT score. Due to the complexity of achieving a high ACT score, many students attempt to find an ACT prep or tutoring that will help them receive a good score. There are a lot of ACT courses that vary in learning format, access period and budget for students to choose from based on their situations. Finding the right course will be greatly helpful for students in becoming closer to their desired outcome in the ACT exam.

10 Best ACT prep courses 2022

1. Kaplan

Kaplan provides live and on-demand courses as well as private tutoring. The self-paced program is suited for those looking for the best value as it has the lowest price among all the program listed here. It provides 30 brief on-demand lessons that students can watch everyday without dedicating too much portion of their daily schedule. More expensive programs include the live online ACT course that is led by teachers in real-time as well as the unlimited program that provides the materials for other tests such as PSAT and SAT. Students can benefit from 7-day free trial and consultation to find the right program for them.

2. The Princeton Review

Similar to Kaplan, the Princeton Review has on-demand, live program as well as one on e one tutoring. While their ACT 31+ guarantee course is on the more expensive side, their guarantee policy assures money back to students when students who started with a 26 score do not pass the score of 31 on their actual test. It can be an attractive option for advanced students looking to apply for top universities. For students with even higher goal can opt for more intensive and expensive 34+ score guarantee program. The dashboard page has a neat organization of contents for students' convenient practice and review.

3. Prestige Institute

Prestige offers both in-person and online ACT courses that meet different needs of students of all levels. It has live bootcamp and crash courses as well as one-on-one tutoring. The live program includes concept and advanced classes and crash courses aiming the actual test dates that covers the entire concept plus application to the questions. With the motive of realizing in-person classes at home, Prestige provides live sessions with the top instructors in the industry, a large question bank, and an online community where students can ask questions and study together. Free consultation and a full-length mock test is available to help students find the best program based on their needs.

SAT and ACT tutoring
Prestige prioritizes individualized learning

4. Magoosh

Magoosh is the best option for those seeking a quality education on a budget. Its online self-paced course guarantees students who study 20 minutes a day can raise their score by at least 4 points. One notable feature of Magoosh test prep is their optimization of the materials for computers, tablets and mobile phones to help students access them from anywhere. The study planner and text reminder features enable students to set their goals and maintain their study schedule. While it is a completely self-paced course, students can benefit from the tracking resources to maintain their study schedule. Students can also benefit from their 7-day free trial.

5. Testive