Do I still need to take the ACT or SAT in 2022?

Updated: 2 days ago

Several colleges have adopted test-optional policies lately owing to the pandemic-induced challenges. Students are hence in a dilemma about whether SAT/ACT is still significant. While students previously used SAT/ACT scores to get an edge over their peers during the application process, some universities have now gone to the extent of preventing colleges from accepting SAT/ACT scores.

Whether you need to take an SAT/ACT depends on a lot of factors. SAT/ACT scores are still beneficial to students in many ways. This article will answer all your questions about the significance of SAT/ACT scores when seeking admission to colleges.

What does test-optional mean?

You need to first understand the college requirements before deciding whether to appear for these tests. Right now, there is some confusion among students about what test-optional means. Read on to gain some clarity around the term test-optional.

  1. Test-optional schools will let the students decide if they want to submit their SAT/ACT scores. Though colleges will consider the scores if the students choose to submit them, other factors in the application may receive more attention.

  2. Test-blind schools won’t consider the scores even if they are included in the application.

  3. Test-flexible schools will allow students to submit SAT/ACT scores or attempt a different test such as an AP test.

You can take the SAT/ACT test and later decide whether or not to reveal your scores depending on the college requirements. The College Board or ACT won’t release the scores without the students’ permission.

A student submitting an exam sheet