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The Ultimate Guide to the Best SAT Prep Courses

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

SAT scores are an important prerequisite for securing admission to colleges. Due to the high level of competition, students find it difficult to achieve top scores. A good preparation strategy is the key to achieving higher SAT scores. There are several SAT prep courses available online for students but you need to choose the best course to obtain the scores you desire. The SAT exam tests your reading, writing and math skills so you need to be well versed with all these sections to be able to score well.

Taking practice tests and preparing well in advance would help you score high marks but you need a prep course that suits your learning style and personal goals. A good SAT prep course will help you become more confident and achieve the desired scores in limited attempts. While there isn’t any upper limit on the number of SAT attempts, it is recommended that you clear the exam with good scores in max 2 or 3 attempts. How to choose the best SAT prep course? What are the best SAT prep courses available? If you have been seeking answers to these questions, this article is for you. Listed in this article are the best SAT prep courses that test takers can safely rely on.

What is the SAT test?

Before we dive into the SAT prep courses, let’s first understand what the SAT test is. The SAT test is administered by the College Board. It is a multiple choice test that puts a student’s basic knowledge of topics to test. SAT test scores indicate a student’s academic readiness for college. SAT tests are taken by students in pencil and paper format. It has three sections namely reading, writing and math. SAT test scores serve as a common point for colleges to compare applicants. It is a 3 hours long test and is conducted every year. The highest score for SAT is 1600.

How to score well on the SAT?

Since the highest score for SAT is 1600, you need to earn a score closer to 1600 to easily secure admission into the college of your choice. A score above 1400 is considered a good score and you need to aim for 1400 or higher if you want to be shortlisted by reputable institutions. Scoring high marks on the SAT requires hard work and dedication. But your efforts will bear fruits only if you are aware of the right ways to prepare for the test. Take as many practice tests as you can and get acquainted with the test format. Choose good study materials and practice with a time limit so you know how to handle pressure on the test day. Take up good prep courses and focus on your weaknesses. Allot more time for difficult subjects and increase your speed in solving questions on subjects that you are naturally good at.

Is an online SAT prep course good for me?

There are several options for SAT preparation ranging from in-person coaching to fully online courses. You need to choose one that fits your goals and schedule. Online classes are the right choice for you if you need some flexibility and independence. Irrespective of your geographical location, you can access SAT prep courses online. Taking SAT courses online doesn’t mean you won’t have access to tutors. You will have to be self-motivated and self-disciplined to complete your course. But at the same time, there will be tutors to assist you even in online courses. So online courses are great for those who want to enjoy some flexibility while preparing for the exam.

Online SAT preparation course
Students can get as much help as they need with an online SAT course

Ranking criteria

As we proceed with listing the best SAT prep courses, here are a few things you need to know about what makes these courses apt for you. The courses have been chosen based on numerous factors with special emphasis on personalized instruction, scheduling flexibility and availability of various learning formats.

  • Personalized instructions

A course that doesn’t really fit the needs of the students is of no use. Especially for competitive exams like SAT, there should be some level of personalization in online courses. Based on how flexible the course is in providing personalized assistance to students, we have listed the courses below. Students should be able to benefit from the course no matter what their strengths and weaknesses are.

  • Easy scheduling and super adaptable formats

Most test takers are students who go to school which means they need to divide their time between different activities. These students need a prep course that’s adaptable to their hectic schedule. We have hence shortlisted courses that are available in a range of formats such as in-person tutoring, live online sessions among others so students can enjoy some flexibility and take advantage of courses that are prepared in line with their needs.

Best SAT prep courses 2022

Without further ado, let’s explore the best SAT prep courses 2022. Here’s a list of 15 courses that all students preparing for SAT can take advantage of. Let’s dive straight into it.

  1. Kaplan

Kaplan is one of the SAT courses trusted by most students for their SAT preparation. It’s an online learning program that is designed by highly experienced instructors. Students gain access to a large library of practice tests by opting for this course. In addition, the course also offers on-demand access and tutoring to students. Students with learning disabilities too can benefit from this course. Students who need access to on-demand courses are required to login 30 minutes a day. In person and live online courses on the other hand need students to dedicate more time. Kaplan offers a free 7 day trial along with flexible options to accommodate busy schedules.

2. Magoosh

Magoosh is another online SAT prep course that offers pre-recorded courses to students. Students have to login for 20 minutes daily to complete this prep course. Test takers can access the courses in between their busy schedules making it an ideal choice for those who need flexibility with their preparations. The course also provides personalized support so students can work on areas that need more attention. The personalized assistance is provided by expert tutors who are well-versed with all the nitty-gritty of the exam. The course also includes practice tests that are available for students whenever they want. One of the important highlights of this prep course is the Magoosh mobile app. The course is available on the Magoosh mobile app that works with both iOS and Android devices. The mobile app makes it easier for students to prepare on the go.

3. Prestige Institute

Prestige Institute offers both in-person and online courses for SAT test takers. It has the Cohort Program and Live Tutoring Program conducted online and Full Courses Program conducted in-person. The institute is known for its flipped learning model that it employs for SAT preparation. While most prep courses give one or two year access or sometimes even lifetime access to study materials, Prestige Institute limits the access to five weeks. They offer individualized care to students with an online community and the courses are designed to help them achieve the score in the fastest way possible. Students can also book for a free consultation or mock test before signing up for a program. They will benefit from live Q&A sessions, customized help, individual reports, practice tests among others depending on the program they choose.

4. Prepscholar

Prepscholar is one of the most popular SAT prep courses available online. Prepscholar offers learning programs that can be customized according to the strengths and weaknesses of students. Students can polish their skills and focus on areas that need improvement with 60+ hours of video content and 1200+ practice questions. The course also provides one-on-one guidance and small group sessions for students based on their grasping level. If a student doesn’t improve by minimum 160 points, Prepscholar offers a money back guarantee. The course is ideal for students who prefer more face-to-face time with tutors.

5. Prep Expert

Prep Expert offers courses for four, six or eight week periods. Similar to Prepscholar, Prep Expert too has a money back guarantee policy if a student’s score doesn't increase by 200 points. There is also an Alexa app providing access to question banks for students to keep practicing whenever they find time. Prep Expert not just provides SAT coaching. It has courses for ACT preparation and also provides counseling for college admissions. The instructors providing assistance at Prep Expert are known to have a perfect score.

6. Kranse institute

Kranse Institute provides SAT courses with 24/7 mobile and desktop access. It guarantees to arm students with critical strategies for test preparation and offers a score improvement guarantee. Its courses are characterized by short videos with easily digestible information. The course is accessible for 18 consecutive months and the institute offers flexibility to take up to nine possible test dates. There is a 7-day full refund guarantee offered in case students don’t improve after the completion of courses.

7. Princeton Review

Princeton Review offers multiple options for students in the form of self-paced courses, personalized tutor assistance and expert-led programs. Students can choose a format most convenient for them. The self-paced format includes on-demand lessons whereas the private tutoring format offers 18 hours of one-on-one tutor sessions. The course guarantees a minimum score of 1400 and 1500 for students who enrol for their SAT 1400+ and SAT 1500+ tutoring programs respectively. There is also an Ultimate Classroom option for students that offers 25 hours live instruction by SAT experts as well as practice tests.

8. Khan academy

Khan academy offers videos and on-demand lessons to suit a range of learning styles. It provides interactive courses with instant automated feedback. Students can choose to complete the entire SAT course or go for section-specific prep courses that focus on Math, Reading and Writing sections. Students can also learn useful tips and strategies for clearing SAT through their course. Khan academy also has a free online community so students gain an opportunity to interact with other test takers and gain valuable insights on preparation techniques. The academy has also designed a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Khan academy’s courses are developed in collaboration with the College Board and students can access it for free. The course is a combination of practice tests, practice questions and video lessons.

9. Testive

Testive gives students customized content with the help of a coach. There are Bootcamp, Coaching and Coaching Plus packages for students. The Bootcamp course can be taken for 4-6 weeks with provision for personal video chats with the instructor. The Coaching package on the other hand helps students work more with the study material along with weekly individual lessons with instructors. The Coaching Plus package offers an additional one-on-one session every week along with all the features offered in the Coaching package. Testive also provides online courses for free for students who don’t need the assistance of a tutor. If you are one of those students who need extra support and attention, the Coaching Plus package of Testive course is the ideal choice. There is a trial period of two weeks for all packages accompanied by a money-back guarantee

10. ePrep

ePrep offers SAT courses including practice tests, video lessons by subject, video answers to questions and vocabulary builder. There are three Test Date courses with varying access levels (two, four or six month access). ePrep also gives two annual pass options namely Standard+ and Premium+. Premium+ annual pass grants access to more video content while both the annual pass options guarantee a 12-month access. There are 28 practice quizzes and six exams in the test library to help students review their progress. Engaging video content on subject matter by SAT experts is the main highlight of the ePrep course.

11. Higher Scores Test Prep

Higher Scores Test Prep is one of the most reliable SAT prep courses available online. It offers two packages called the SAT Quick Prep and SAT Complete package. The Quick Prep course helps students prepare for the exam in just four hours with a study guide and full length practice tests. The SAT Complete package on the other hand is a comprehensive program with additional learning tools and practice tests. Students can get one-on-one support and on-demand video courses through this SAT prep course. Higher Scores Test Prep is best for students with busy schedules. The course is also beneficial for students with learning disabilities.

12. College Prep Genius

Known to support a wide variety of learning formats, College Prep Genius offers online courses, live virtual and in-person boot camps. Before purchasing the course, students can view the sample class on Math, Reading and Writing on their website. The course includes a complete webinar library, eReader templates, videos among others. Practice tests are available along with tutor support. The comprehensive program gives more options for preparation. Students get access to the course for a full one year and can expect an average score increase of 260 points according to the website.

13. CollegeVine

CollegeVine has an online SAT program designed for busy students. CollegeVine also sends score reports to parents to update them on their child’s progress. This course has a diagnostic exam that helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses in each SAT section. Depending on the students’ abilities and skills, the tutor creates a learning plan. The course is designed with students’ hectic schedules in mind so they can benefit from it within a short period of time. The course is a package that includes a diagnostic exam, experienced tutors, tailored learning plans and score prediction.

14. Green Test Prep

Green Test Prep is an online course that focuses on equipping students with personal skills to improve their SAT scores. There are free guides designed for students as a part of this course. At the same time, students can take advantage of a membership program which offers study materials and practice tests. The membership program also unlocks access to videos, workbooks and tips for college applications. A lifetime unlimited membership comes at a price of $497. Green Test Prep offers training schedules that are customizable to students’ needs. The price of membership may change over time and students should check the price at the time of membership sign up.

15. Peterson’s

With Peterson’s online course, students can prepare according to a schedule convenient for them. Students can sign up for a short, medium or long path and access the course through mobile and desktop devices. They have made the course quite interesting with games, quizzes, practice tests and engaging lessons. Peterson’s course gives 12 months access and is ideal for students who are looking for fun preparation sessions without the intervention of a tutor.


You need to consider your learning style and personal goals before you proceed with a course. The courses discussed above are some of the best SAT prep courses available widely relied on by test takers and you can select one that’s most suitable for you. It is important to choose a course with methods of instructions suitable for your learning style. Such a course will help you achieve good scores effortlessly. A flipped learning model is most ideal for SAT test takers. It offers enough flexibility as well as ensures students are on the right track. Personalized tutor support, score improvement guarantee and a good number of practice tests are some of the features to look for in a course. You should also check the price of the course and verify if additional features cost extra. It’s best to start preparing for the course at least two months in advance if you wish to attain high scores.

Prestige Institute is one such SAT coaching institute that trains test takers with a flipped learning approach. With 5-weeks limited access to study materials, it has designed a prep course such that students complete the course without procrastination. Interactive doubt-solving sessions with tutors coupled with peer interactions through study groups make the course ideal for maximum knowledge retention. Contact Prestige Institute today to leverage flipped learning techniques to your advantage!

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