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SAT Writing Prep

Cohort #6 Period
Jan 10 2022 - Feb 13 2022

5 Weeks

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About the Course

Course Purpose

The goal of this course is to introduce students to the conventions of writing and grammar as they pertain to the writing portion of the SAT. Specifically, the course aims to familiarize students with the necessary grammar rules and question types that are typically asked on the test. Rather than falling back on answer options that "sound right" or "seem right," students will learn to select answers based on the conventional rules of language and grammar. As the course progresses, test-taking strategies and effective approaches to both grammatical and rhetorical questions will be introduced to minimize errors. A perfect score on SAT Writing will become much more attainable by the end of the course.

Course Instructor

SAT Writing Teacher
Min Choi, PhD.
  • English Education PhD

  • English instructor since 2003

  • Literacy researcher

  • Assistant Professor of Education and Academic Literacy

Min has been leading English reading and writing classes for high school students and adults for over 15 years. As an SAT instructor, she enjoys showing students how simple the SAT Writing prep can be once students know the rules of grammar and the structure of the test. By identifying what areas students struggle in most, she is able to work with them to improve their scores. To date, she has helped hundreds of students reach their goal on the writing portion of the SAT.

Course Curriculum

107 lectures

5 hours and 50 minutes

Week 1

1 Intro to SAT Writing

2 Sentences and Fragments

3 Conjunctions

4 Combining and Separating Sentences

Week 1 Quiz

Week 2
Clauses, Punctuation, Apostrophes, Pronoun & Noun Agreement

1 Non-essential Clauses

2 Punctuations

3 Apostrophes

4 Pronoun and Noun Agreement

Week 2 Quiz

Week 3
Agreement and Tense

1 Subject-Verb Agreement Structure Types

2 Verb Tense

3 Transitions

Week 3 Quiz

Week 4
Word Pairs, Parallel Structure, Modification Errors, Relative Pronouns

1 Word Pairs

2 Faulty Comparisons

3 Parallel Structure

4 Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers

5 Relative Pronouns

Week 4 Quiz

Week 5
Rhetorical Questions

1 Adding, Deleting, and Revising Information

2 Diction

3 Idioms

4 Register

Week 5 Quiz

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