SAT is going digital - Here’s everything you need to know!

Updated: 2 days ago

The College Board, on 25th January 2022, announced that the SAT exams will go fully digital from 2024. The announcement came after the Board conducted a successful pilot of the test in November. Introducing digital SATs is a step toward making tests easily accessible for students as several colleges were compelled to go test-optional during the pandemic. Digital SATs, in the College Board’s opinion, will make the entire test-taking process less stressful for students.

The test will be conducted on a 1600-point scale as before. The digital version is expected to bring more flexibility for schools regarding when and how to administer tests as well as increased security with each student attempting a unique test form. Let’s understand the SAT digital test in more detail.

What is SAT digital?

At present, SAT is conducted in the traditional pencil and paper format. The introduction of SAT digital will improve test access, quality, and delivery to students around the world. SAT scores have remained a key factor determining the college readiness of students and this move is expected to create a more equitable playing field for students. Students can take the test through their laptops or school-issued devices. The test will be conducted at the school or test center under the supervision of administrators.

The digital SAT interface will have a student clock and built-in tools such as a calculator, highlighter, and strikethrough among others so students have access to everything they need during the test in one place. The SAT digital test will also have a reference feature with mathematical formulas. The in-built clock will help students escape performance lag problems as it makes it easier to keep track of time.

A student taking SAT online
The SAT exam is going fully digital from 2024

Why has SAT gone digital?